Every customer has the right to appeal against the decision of the Product Certification Division relating to the certification of the product or supervision the National Certificates of Conformity / EC Type-Examination Certificates. 
Appeals from the
 decisions should be made in writingby email or by phone within 14 days of its receipt.

Complaints relating to the products certified by the Product Certification Divisionand disputable issues (differences in the interpretation of suchnormative requirementsmay be submitted in writing, by email or by phone.

Appeals/complaints/disputable issues prepared in writing should be addressed to:

Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A.
Organization and Marketing Department
65 Szczecińska Str.
80-392 Gdańsk

fax: +48 58 307 42 25
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Appeals/complaints/disputable issues may be submitted also by phone:

Organization and Marketing Department
phone: +48 58 307 46 97